New: Multimeta's "Mark and search". Start searching much more quickly - immediately!

A revolution from Multimeta! From now on search in the Internet for supplementary information on any word, on any Internet page! Just imagine you're on your favourite page, reading texts when you need supplementary information some of the words which appear on this page. But you don't want to carry out the complicated procedure of opening a new window, visiting a search engine, entering the terms in the search engine's search mask by hand, and having to wait for a long time for the results of the search. It can be done much more easily: simply select a word on the page you are on with the mouse, click on "Find it!" in the "Links" menu and in seconds you'll receive supplementary information (from several search engines simultaneously) on the selected word (or on several selected words). Naturally you can also use "Find it" without selecting words - you simply click on "Find it" and enter the desired search terms directly.

It's as easy as this:

Step 1:

Just drag the following link with Drag and Drop on your "Links" menu (position the mouse pointer on the following link, then press the left-hand mouse key and hold it down - don't let go yet. Then drag the mouse to the "Links" menu - only let the left-hand mouse key go when you have reached the "Links" menu. The "Links" menu is located in Internet Explorer, usually in the top right-hand section, to the right of the input line for the Internet addresses, directly next to the "Change to" menu.)

The link is: Find It!

Step 2:

After you have reached the "Links" menu let the left-hand mouse key go. As Javascript is used you may get a security check which you can confirm with "Yes" without worrying. And that's it! You can immediately and easily select any word with your mouse on any Internet page, then just click on "Find it" in your "Links" menu and an Internet search will be started automatically (in a new window) on your selected terms! If you click on "Find it" in your "Links" menu without having selected any terms first, the input window opens in which you can enter the required words. You save time and never lose your bearings as you never have to leave your favourite page (the search is always carried out in a new window).

If you have any queries or problems just contact Multimeta-Support by e-mail and we will be happy to help.

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