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Why list my business in an on-line directory?

Experts agree that two of the most critical reasons to list your business in a directory are:

1) Exposure!

Potential customers are looking for you, make it easy for them to find you. Each month, internet users perform over 10 BILLION unique searches. (Source: GetListed.org). Over 80% of consumers use online searches to locate desired services and products. (per a study conducted by Burke on behalf of the Local Search Association) A Social Media Week expert explains, “It is these 8 out of 10, who look into an online directory, who are likely to turn into potential clients coming with the positive intention to purchase.”

2) Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI on SEO is measured over the long-term; not just in weeks, but in years. Time and monetary investments need to be made wisely with trusted, established, and enduring directories.

Why Multimeta Directory?
  • Multimeta Directory has hundreds of viewers seeing thousands of page each day.
  • Visitor counts are displayed with your listing
  • Connect to potential customers directly and indirectly
  • Unlimited ROI (Return on investment). One single low payment for a lifetime of customer connections.
  • Trusted and a recognized leader - Multimeta Directory is touted in “The Ultimate Guide to Selling Art Online” by Marques Vickers as one of the top directories
How to get started:

Step 1) Provide your Title, URL, description, and contact information to the form below
Step 2) Submit a One-Time payment
That’s it! The experts at Multimeta Directory will do the rest and have your listing begin working for within 24 hours.

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Type the above number:

Click on the Paypal or credit card icon to submit your site information. Your order will be processed immediately. Multimeta Directory is the merchant of record on all orders processed through this page.


Your only cost is a one-time fee of $144 USD for the submission to Multimeta Directory.
*If you encounter any difficulty when submitting your payment, please send an email to webmaster@multimeta.com

Multimeta Directory Submission
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Multimeta Directory Submission - what's cool Multimeta Directory Submission - what's cool Multimeta Directory Submission - what's cool